Our Services

We understand that there is a lot that goes into planning and running an event. No matter what kind of event you have, there’s always so much to do. You can’t possibly be running around all evening trying to fill every spot. Here at AA Event Staffing, we will take care of all your staffing needs. We have staff available for many different positions, such as:

Banquet Manager

Even with all of the right staffing put in place, someone still needs to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our banquet managers have fantastic customer service experience and are very detail-oriented. You can trust that they’ll ensure everyone’s needs are met and that everyone has a great time. Meeting with your guests, managing staff, and checking on food and drinks, our banquet managers have your back. Your only job now is to enjoy yourself.

Hosts and Hostesses

Although we’re sure you’d love to, you can’t possibly greet every guest you have and give everyone the individual attention they deserve. Our hosts and hostesses will take care of greeting your guests, checking coats and other personal items, seating your guests, and explaining any details of the event as needed.


Now that you have someone to plan and make the food, you need someone to serve it. Our waiters will ensure that all of your guests get their meals and drinks ASAP. This team has rigorous training and a lot of experience in customer service. Whatever your guests need, our team will see to it that they get it.


No event is complete without a great cocktail. Or maybe you enjoy the simpler drinks in life, like classic beers and wines. Whatever your preference, we also have friendly and talented bartenders ready to serve. Our bartenders are well versed in their craft. Whether your guest wants a simple drink or an ultra-fancy mixed drink, we’ll make sure they get it.


We Staff All Events

We will also work with you to staff pretty much any kind of event you have. Call us for more details. Some of the most common types of events we work with are:

  • Birthday parties
  • Private Events
  • Weddings
  • Retirement celebrations
  • Baby showers
  • Bat and Bar Mitzvahs
  • Corporate meetings

But that isn’t all we do. Don’t ever hesitate to call us, no matter what kind of event you’re having. Our experience and enthusiasm culminate in making every celebration successful. You’ve already done so much with planning the event and it’s taken a lot of effort on your part. With all that hard work over, it’s time for you to just kick back and relax. You have the details sorted out, so allow us to handle the staffing so your event runs smoothly and you can focus on enjoying yourself.

We have food service professionals ready to provide your guests with amazing food and customer service. We also have bartenders available for your adult fun time. And we also have banquet managers and hosts/hostesses to ensure your event runs smoothly.